Project Planning

Project planning is a critical aspect of conducting a venture as it reduces risks, and saves time and funds. The team of El Saihaan Corporation is well versed with all stages of project planning and has prepared and implemented dozens of projects for its clients. When creating plans, our clients can be confident that we will take the most practical approach. Our team is always willing to accept challenges.

El Saihaan Corporation takes care of minute details of different phases of planning, i.e., from developing the idea to brining the project to operation. Therefore, we plan projects by covering crucial phases and giving due importance to the timeframe, from development, through construction to operation; involving key contracts with stakeholders. We begin by defining SMART goals which is resultant upon the establishment of who the stakeholders are and outlining the needs by conducting interviews with them to create scope statements that are universally understood. We will list the project deliverables and accordingly create a justifiable schedule. Finally, support plans will be generated. We build a business plan by first looking at the big picture of government policies and then based on market trends we decide the functionality of the proposal.

In summary, our services comprise of examining preparatory project profiles in their elementary stages, and evaluating proposal frameworks to mandate the establishment of profitable ventures. We then, classify and commission suitable financial resources, and create credible business plan for ventures of any type. We conduct feasibility studies in which we examine fiscal models of the project. At this time we identify crucial criteria such as resources required, risk versus benefits, expenditure versus profit (ROI), and payback period.

To get funding for projects, we skillfully present the strengths of our entrepreneurs to our pool of project stakeholders. Our clients can rest assured that we will provide adequate communication, and can effortlessly get stakeholders to come to agreement.