Market Analysis & Solutions

With over 20 years in the business, our expert teams have developed an intimate understanding of the processes that get brands noticed. Our experience allows us to analyze any proposal thoroughly. We have efficaciously consulted clients on a diverse range of industries including financial services, information technology, health care, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, energy and higher education.

Markets are in constant transition. It is, therefore, vital that firms regularly monitor them. Market research is the preliminary practice before drawing out a business plan. Our team of talented professionals has years of industry experience and cutting-edge ideas that have helped many companies to optimize their products and services. Hence, we provide doctrinaire, state-of-the-art analytics to our clients to enable them to make better decisions for their companies. We drive business behavior by putting in every effort so that we can deliver the best results using actionable research. We know what works and what doesn’t? Consequently, we target many factors including marketing analytics, focus groups, data mining and human capital analytics. We will study a company’s potential market and calculate how the current market can be expanded to capture the targeted prospects. Our team has helped a diverse range of organizations in solving their problems.

Our approach is specific to our client’s needs. We scrutinize market trends to determine contingencies and threats which we then compare to a company’s resourcefulness and shortcomings. In order to get the maximum benefits for our clients we rely upon the highest standards of research and analytic.

El Saihaan creates values for the proposals and projects by professionally examining market details and quantifying the areas of investors' criteria, risk factors, and mitigation by evaluating the financial impacts.

What is the focus of our market research?

• Opinion of customers/consumers
• Drivers of satisfaction
• Impact of new products
• Likes or dislikes
• Designing of optimal product features
• Customers choice basis
• Balancing preference against cost
• Customer opinions vs. profitability
• How to obtain greatest ROI

El Saihaan Corporation creates bankability for the proposals and projects by professionally examining market details and quantifying these areas:

• Investors criteria
• Risk factors and mitigation by quantifying the financial impacts
• Addressing the fundamentals regarding what are the biggest drivers of "bankability"?