Consulting Services

We are the trusted advisor to the
world's leading businesses

Well being

of our clients first!

We take companies to the next level
and beyond!

Our best

propositions for our clients

We are the trusted advisor to the
world's leading businesses

Housing Scheme

A Huge Investment Opportunity

Housing market
is growing in
GTA area

A Big Investment Opportunity

We develop opportunities within your
business sector!

We partner with entrepreneurs who have a viable vision that could disrupt existing business models.

El Saihaan Corporation is a network of limited partners that invests in early growth stage companies that show
strong potential for hyper-growth; we take companies to the next level, and beyond.
The team members work diligently at all stages of the process to ensure that we provide optimized solutions for our clients.
We are able to deliver fast and consistent results because we accept mandates for which we are confident that
we will not only meet expectations, but that we will exceed them.

Business Consultancy

The partners of El Saihaan Corporation have been in the business for over two decades. We have provided consultancy to numerous companies. Today, they exemplify excellence and leadership. We provide business consultancy to help ameliorate companies' operations and increase work efficacy. Our professional staff is equipped with the knowledge to ascertain all aspects of a business and formulate appropriate solutions.

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Project Planning

Project planning is a critical aspect of conducting a venture as it reduces risks, and saves time and funds. The team of El Saihaan Corporation is well versed with all stages of project planning and has prepared and implemented dozens of projects for its clients. When creating plans, our clients can be confident that we will take the most practical approach. Our team is always willing to accept challenges.

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System Dynamics

System Dynamics and Strategic Modelling goes side-by-side. Strategic Modelling employs interactive "management flight simulators" and it helps creating an appealing and operative learning environment that can develop intuition in the reader about complex dynamic systems.

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Other Services

Business Intelligence Solutions

In the global village era, the business intelligence (BI) market has evolved as an innovative growth area having high potential. Many industries have started employing BI to expand their analytic . . .

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El Saihaan Corporation's big data analytic service helps clients to sort through and organize the excessively-large amounts of data collected. It has become absolutely necessary to comprehend . . .

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Information Technology

El Saihaan Corporation provides complete IT solutions and has many years of experience in implementing and managing business systems. To get success in today’s changing environment the . . .

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& Solutions

With over 20 years in the business, our expert teams have developed an intimate understanding of the processes that get brands noticed. Our experience allows us to analyze any proposal. . .

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