Business Consultancy

The partners of El Saihaan Corporation have been in the business for over two decades. We have provided advice to numerous companies. Today, they exemplify excellence and leadership.

El Saihaan Corporation provides business consultancy to help ameliorate companies' operations and increase work efficacy. Our professional staff is equipped with the knowledge to ascertain all aspects of a business and formulate appropriate solutions. In doing so, we help companies achieve their goals. After gaining an understanding of their business, what a company is looking to achieve, and the challenges they are currently facing and may face in the future; our job is to advise these firms on how to improve turnover. We will administer solutions that will most practically control, induce cash flows, and expedite profitability. Our company helps them amass the required skills, and introduce them to the right people to keep their business on track. Who should hire us? Those business owners who are facing difficulties in meeting their targets.

What we do?

• Identify bottlenecks
• Provide objectivity
• Explore new opportunities
• Re-energize a flailing business
• Revive an organization
• Create a new business plan
• Influence investors for funding

Three Stage Process

1) Discovery phase: In this phase, we study the client's business in detail, and learn everything we can about it. We put in a lot of effort to learn as much as possible about the company and its functional activities, i.e., from the owner to the employees, from marketing to sale’s process, and from assets to liabilities. This process can involve visiting the facility, meeting with the higher management and employees, analyzing the finances, and evaluating all company materials. During this process, our team will unravel the company's objectives and the active operations put in place to execute those objectives. This phase enables our teams to understand the functionality of the corporation.

2) Evaluation phase: Here, our aim is to diagnose issues and deduce modifications to correct them. We utilize the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. The current and foreseeable problems play an important role in success or failure of a company. There may be complications previously determined by the management, and any additional problems forecasted by our expert panelists. The target of this phase is to:

• Identifying needs
• Exploring opportunities to grow business,
• Increasing profits,
• Boosting efficiency,
• Developing solutions to problems
• Planning for capitalizing on opportunities
• Bringing objectivity and a fresh viewpoint to the business

3) Implementation of the plan: Finally, we will continue to work through the plan to multiply assets and curtail liabilities, and conduct audits to observe the plan in advancing. El Saihaan Corporation has worked with small to large enterprises both in the public and private sectors at the domestic and global scale. Our company has helped them in implementing their plans and strengths by following key activities such as:

• Develop a compelling business case,
• Outlining realistic and achievable goals,
• Enhancing the human and financial capital,
• Design user-friendly systems and operational procedures, and
• Establishing genuine guidelines to meet the deadlines and complete project phases on time.

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