Business Intelligence Solutions

In the global village era, the business intelligence (BI) market has evolved as an innovative growth area having high potential. Many industries have started employing BI to expand their analytic as well as operational capabilities. These industries include manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, finance, insurance, and many others. In the past, only senior management used BI for making decisions. However, today it's been tremendously in use by employees at various levels in the organization to support operations & business functions. At El Saihaan Corporation, our strong business knowledge helps us in all aspects of BI. This knowledge and expertise comes from our IT specialists and personnel having industry-specific experience.

What can be done using BI?

• Enhancing decision-making capabilities for various managerial processes including but not limited to budgeting, planning, assessing, measuring, controlling, monitoring, etc.

• Ensuring critical information is utilized in a well-timely manner.

Computer systems are the tools that empower us achieve the objectives quicker, better, and with more precision and reliability.

How can El Saihaan Corporation's BI experts help?

El Saihaan Corporation’s BI experts help clients to:
• Build and run systems,
• Select and purchase the right tools & applications,
• Facilitate business change using best practices’ application.

How can El Saihaan Corporation create business value for its stakeholders?

This data analysis and integration enables El Saihaan Corporation to help clients effectively improve IT investments and increase business value. El Saihaan Corporation uses state-of-the-art business intelligence tools to provide professional services for:
• Application performance management
• Building a comprehensive BI services platform that includes sales, revenue, analytics, data integration
    and analysis, market return, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) monitoring, and business reporting
• Business alarm indicators
• Customer service and change management
• Data center and management
• Data integration services
• IT planning
• Master data management
• Optimization and forecast modeling
• System upgrades and migration services for data warehouse
• Technical support and maintenance services for products and services